Instructional Design for Health Sciences

We provide a variety of instructional design services. Please select an option below to read more about each service:

Rethink Communication Strategies
Design Assessments, Exams, and Evaluations
Set Up Group Work
Centrally Licensed University Software
Moodle Help
Instructional Design Support for University Hospital
ITeS eLearning Support Request
We can help:
  • Provide instructional design services to enhance the quality of teaching and learning by better meeting teaching objectives and learning outcomes in face-to-face, web-enhanced, hybrid, or fully online courses in all biomedical and health science schools.
  • Develop secure and effective test questions in order to assess student’s knowledge of biomedical subjects
  • Assist with the creation, delivery and review of dynamic, secure & board-type exams
  • Facilitate instructors in improving didactic lecture presentations in online and face-to-face classrooms
  • Assist in selecting a digital lecture creation tool, recording digital lectures (iSpring Presenter, Adobe Connect, Audacity, Camtasia, etc) , and the strategic publishing of interactive, digital lecture content (PowerPoint, podcast, webcast, etc.) based on analysis of teaching objectives, learning outcomes and competencies of a curriculum.
  • Develop online certificate programs that require grade and participation dependencies for the State University Hospital, RBHS staff, and community
  • Attempt to standardize branding, course tools, rubrics, and assessments for fully online, academic and continuing education programs
  • Assist in content creation, organization, and design for courses using an array of centrally licensed instructional technologies to develop engaging online learning activities that complement the clinical environment for today’s adult, health sciences learner.