Development and Integration of Open-Source LMS (Moodle)

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Banner Integration Project
Custom Themes for Moodle
New Forum Report
Turnitin Integration
Adobe Connect Integration
Respondus Quiz Maker Integration
Respondus Lockdown Browser Integration
Kaltura CaptureSpace
Kaltura within Moodle
ITeS is collaborating with our Rutgers-RBHS community to:

  • Design, code, implement, and test major and minor modifications and integrations to open-source LMS
  • Code creative custom solutions (expanding LMS tool functionality, building reports, 3rd party integrations) to better serve academic missions for each of the Rutgers-RBHS schools
  • Collaborate with open-source community and academic institutions to develop an open-source LMS to service the growing academic needs of a health sciences university such as Rutgers-RBHS
  • Integrate open-source LMS with University Information Systems
  • Gain recognition for open source development within e-learning community

If you have a feature request or innovation for our LMS, Moodle, please let us know!