Our Mission

The mission of ITeS is three-fold:


  • Promote and facilitate appropriate selection, application, and evaluation of centrally offered educational technologies within the University’s schools based on sound learning theories and end user needs
  • Provide instructional design services to enhance the quality of teaching and learning by better meeting teaching objectives and learning outcomes in face-to-face, web-enhanced, hybrid, or fully online courses in all schools
  • Assist in content creation, organization, and design for courses using an array of centrally licensed instructional technologies to develop innovative, interactive and engaging learning activities for today’s adult learner
  • Standardize branding and course delivery for academic departments and online degree programs
  • Assist faculty with the transition from face-to-face content to online-delivered content while maintaining accreditation standards
  • Create and expand online courses and online degree programs
  • Facilitate central marketing of online degree programs


  • Centrally market instructional technologies and learning services, products, and emerging trends (Social Media, Web 2.0, RSS feeds, e-portfolios, etc.) to University population through myriad communication vehicles
  • Support and train faculty/staff on all centrally offered instructional technology applications
  • Assist and train faculty/staff in the creation and strategic deployment of multimedia content such as webcasts, podcasts, PowerPoint
  • Solve technical issues with centrally licensed instructional technology applications in an expeditious manner
  • Work with faculty/staff user group to select and pilot new technologies
  • Provide online work spaces within the LMS for student clubs and organizations to communicate and collaborate and market events to campus community


  • Design, code, implement, and test major and minor modifications and integrations to open-source LMS
  • Code creative custom solutions (expanding LMS tool functionality, building reports, 3rd party integrations) to better serve academic missions for each of the Rutgers-RBHS schools
  • Collaborate with open-source community and academic institutions to develop an open-source LMS to service the growing academic needs of a health sciences university such as Rutgers-RBHS
  • Integrate open-source LMS with University Information Systems
  • Gain recognition for open source development within elearning community

Got ideas for your course but no clue how to make them reality? Stop by our office or give us a call at 973-972-5488. Our instructional designers are available to discuss how you can leverage the latest technologies to enhance your teaching and learning. And if you have a feature request or innovation for our LMS, Moodle, please let us know!