Instructional Design for Health Sciences

We provide a variety of instructional design services. Please select an option below to read more about each service:

Rethink Communication Strategies
Do you really need a discussion forum? Maybe a Chat will work just as well. Or take it to a higher level and make it an Adobe Connect session instead. What are you trying to achieve? Contact us and we can help you design an effective activity that will enhance learning and facilitate instruction.
Design Assessments, Exams, and Evaluations
Unless you are grooming for a standardized high-stakes test within your discipline, there’s no need to keep on using the same old boring multiple choice or true/false question types for assessments and exams. Come by our office with your question sheet and let us help you build an interactive test environment with drag and drop matching questions, embedded cloze, and image hotspots.
Set Up Group Work
You can design all kinds of group/team based activities in your Moodle course and depending on what you require the teams to do and the required end-product, there are various tools at your disposal. Here are a few, and if you want to know how to set up one of these tools in your course, please fill our Request for Service form and let’s get you started!

  • Group Discussion Forums – The most popular tool is the Discussion Forum. You create one discussion forum with the “Type” set to “Standard forum for general use” and the Group Mode at the bottom of the settings page, set to either “Separate groups” or “Visible groups”. This works for communication as well as getting the work done.
  • Wikis – A wiki allows the group to build a document together. Again, the Separate and Visible group mode provides the “private” versus “public” view of the tool. Groups will either work independently/separately on their collaborative document, or be able to “view” what other groups are working on in the “Visible groups” mode. The wiki allows members to enter text, add images, insert tables, links, media, and attach files to the Wiki page, and even create multiple wiki pages almost like a self-contained Website. You will be able to see a History of contributions, so you can tell who posted what and when.
  • Adobe Connect Break Out Rooms – Another option is using Adobe Connect’s Break Out Rooms. During an Adobe Connect live session, you can create “Break Out Rooms” and assign X number of students to each room, thereby setting them up to work together as a group. Each Room is a “Group” and so the students can collaborate live in those rooms for the duration you specify, after which they come back to join you in the Main Host room again to finish the session. You could also simply create an Adobe Connect room for each group and have the members decide when they want to meet. That is one of the simplest communication tools if they can agree on meeting times.
  • Database Activity – The Database activity is Moodle’s most versatile collaborative tool, in that you can pretty much have students do whatever you want with it. Collect file submissions, create web pages, set up a spreadsheet-view for entering data, create a gallery of images, anything you can think of that you want students to build or submit, you can set up the Database activity to handle the collection and display.Everyone in the class can see the entries in the database, but again you can make it separate groups or visible groups. As a Group activity, entries can be worked on by all members of the group.
Centrally Licensed University Software

Logo for Respondus
Respondus – Learn how to use Respondus Quiz Maker to quickly publish quiz questions and answers.

Logo for Respondus LockDown Browser
Respondus LockDown Browser – Require your quizzes and major exams to use the LockDown Browser, to prevent copying/printing of the exam, and keep students from accessing the internet and other software on the computer.

Logo for iSpring
iSpring Suite – Use iSpring to enhance your PowerPoint presentation and turn it into a full-blown Lecture by recording video and/or audio to match each/select slide. Add characters and quiz questions!

Logo for Turnitin
Turnitin – Help your students take responsibility for their writing and become authentic communicators by using the Turnitin plagiarism checker in your dropbox assignments.

Logo for Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect Pro – Add a live class human-touch to your online classes with this popular web/video conferencing tool, record sessions for later review and publish for those who missed the session.

Logo for Kaltura Open Source Video
Kaltura – Upload media files to your courses via Kaltura, create video assignments for students, sync up presentation slides with audio and/or video, record screencasts and share with your classes online through Moodle. Or record offline using the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.

Moodle Help
Contact us for all things Moodle – course creation, course design, course building, instructor training, student training, and all troubleshooting.
Read more on the “Moodle LMS” page here, or call us now at 973-972-8676 or send an email to ude.sregtur.acnull@pleheldoom or fill out our Request for Service form.
Instructional Design Support for University Hospital
  • In addition to provisioning the creation of academic, non-academic, continuing education, and community courses, we support the University Hospital’s training courses offered through Moodle, providing course shells, instructional design consultation, Moodle training and end-user support for the UH staff.
  • We support University Hospital educators who need to build online training courses, and their staff who take the training. The hospital’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software training was designed and delivered through Moodle by our group.
ITeS eLearning Support Request
We can help:
  • Provide instructional design services to enhance the quality of teaching and learning by better meeting teaching objectives and learning outcomes in face-to-face, web-enhanced, hybrid, or fully online courses in all biomedical and health science schools.
  • Develop secure and effective test questions in order to assess student’s knowledge of biomedical subjects
  • Assist with the creation, delivery and review of dynamic, secure & board-type exams
  • Facilitate instructors in improving didactic lecture presentations in online and face-to-face classrooms
  • Assist in selecting a digital lecture creation tool, recording digital lectures (iSpring Presenter, Adobe Connect, Audacity, Camtasia, etc) , and the strategic publishing of interactive, digital lecture content (PowerPoint, podcast, webcast, etc.) based on analysis of teaching objectives, learning outcomes and competencies of a curriculum.
  • Develop online certificate programs that require grade and participation dependencies for the State University Hospital, RBHS staff, and community
  • Attempt to standardize branding, course tools, rubrics, and assessments for fully online, academic and continuing education programs
  • Assist in content creation, organization, and design for courses using an array of centrally licensed instructional technologies to develop engaging online learning activities that complement the clinical environment for today’s adult, health sciences learner.