Development and Integration of Open-Source LMS (Moodle)

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Banner Integration Project
We have successfully integrated our LMS, Moodle, with our Banner system, providing up-to-date, live enrollment data for creating and populating courses within the LMS.
Custom Themes for Moodle
Our Moodle site sports a new Rutgers branded theme designed to provide quick easy access to common online tools and websites in a menu bar, such as links to eJournals, Citation tools and eLearning resources. 
New Forum Report
We are developing a comprehensive Forum Report for Moodle that shows number of posts, broken down to initial and peer posts, also showing average and total grades per student.

Turnitin Integration
Turnitin has been integrated with Moodle so that faculty can create writing assignments within their Moodle courses and have students’ submissions processed by Turnitin directly within the course.
In addition, the Assignment dropbox tool is integrated with Turnitin so that applicable documents uploaded by students (or text typed into the editor) are checked for plagiarism.
Furthermore, the Discussion Forum also checks for plagiarism in the students’ posts as well as attached documents.
Discouraging plagiarism just got easier!
Adobe Connect Integration
Adobe Connect Pro has been integrated with Moodle for faculty and students to meet and collaborate in live web conferencing rooms right within their Moodle courses. Meetings can be recorded and the recording published for replay.
Respondus Quiz Maker Integration
The integration of Respondus Quiz Maker PC-Client software with Moodle allows users to publish simple as well as sophisticated exams and assessments directly to their Moodle course or site from a basic MS Word document. Making quizzes to deploy on the Moodle platform, complete with answer keys, is a breeze!
Respondus Lockdown Browser Integration
With the Lockdown Browser, security has been tightened for exams and assessments published on Moodle. The browser prevents students from using other programs on the computer as well as disabling various capture functions like print, print screen and copy/paste.
Kaltura CaptureSpace
Adding videos to your course is a breeze with CaptureSpace. Download the Desktop recorder from Moodle, and record video/audio narrations for your PowerPoints, or record your whole desktop while demonstrating some task to your students, or simply create a video or audio recording. Upload to Moodle and insert into your course! Students view the videos in an online player like Youtube.
Kaltura within Moodle
You can still upload videos and create video assignments for your students without using CaptureSpace. Just use the “Add an activity or resource” menu to add a Kaltura Video Resource, Kaltura Video Presentation or Kaltura Media Assignment to the course page.
ITeS is collaborating with our Rutgers-RBHS community to:

  • Design, code, implement, and test major and minor modifications and integrations to open-source LMS
  • Code creative custom solutions (expanding LMS tool functionality, building reports, 3rd party integrations) to better serve academic missions for each of the Rutgers-RBHS schools
  • Collaborate with open-source community and academic institutions to develop an open-source LMS to service the growing academic needs of a health sciences university such as Rutgers-RBHS
  • Integrate open-source LMS with University Information Systems
  • Gain recognition for open source development within e-learning community

If you have a feature request or innovation for our LMS, Moodle, please let us know!